There is a right and a wrong way to fix society’s ills

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Talk is cheap and easy

I am amazed that so many people are calling for Royal Commissions into issues. The Royal Commission into Banks has not made any great difference to the way banks exploit customers. In retaliation for the Royal Commission, the big banks subsequently had a regulation put through federal parliament preventing serious skilled and experienced negotiators from helping home buyers who were battling banks.


When the banks start selling homebuyers up for non-payment of loans as interest rates rise and jobs become scarcer, those home buyers will only be able to call on expensive lawyers, members of the AFCA moneylenders club,  or bank-funded counsellors. Their most effective remedy will be to use their Votergram Voices to report their bank to federal Parliament and seek Parliament’s very effective assistance.

Mental Illness

The same applies to mental health services which are hopeless to say the least. Of course there are better solutions to Mental Health care. They will be better and faster implemented if the people who already know the solutions form an action group, confer on the options and pick the best, then use their Votergram Voices to have the changes implemented now, rather than being talked about for the next decade.

Child abuse

Children are being abused at home by their parents, step-parents and by some foster parents. Parents in Indigenous communities are still complaining about having their children “stolen”. Of course there are better solutions. Again those with the solutions need to get together, confer, put the solutions out and find the ones that 80% of them agree on and get those implemented now by using their Votergram Voices.


This is not rocket science. Votergrams have been around for almost four decades.

Where advocates are coming unstuck is that they have no idea of how democracy works in the  23rd century. They have fairly tale images from the 1800’s and those ideas do not apply today.

Votergrams and the FairGO Voterlobby keep on quietly helping people solve their problems while others are demonstrating in the streets and hurling abuse at the very politicians who can solve their problems.

Our society is controlled by a multi sided, multi-dimensional tug-o-war between competing vested interests. Those who pull on the rope with the best technique, strategy, greatest skill and strength, mostly win.

The Votergram Voice, available to every Australian, enables Voters to win most of the time, if their goal is fair and just. Why wouldn’t they? They elect and pay the parliament for exactly that purpose.



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