Goanna on tin roof of slab hut in rural Australia

Support for Regional, Rural and Remote Australians

Not every Goanna gets onto the roof, but every Australian voter can influence government if they are as determined as […]

Safety is the responsibility of each of us

We must all take responsibility for our society and what our government does. The massacre of innocent people at Bondi […]

Turbocharging democracy by Votergram!

As in many things, there is a change in Aussie democracy. Traditionally the government ran the show and the people […]

Let’s help our Federal MPs get it right with the services we need

Australia moves out of a challenging 2023 into a 2024 already plagued by problems that will only be resolved by […]

Trouble with Transmission lines Farm profits down the drain Farm profits can go down the drain fast when government utility […]

Anti-Protest laws outlawed! It is dangerous when politicians can stop people from protesting. First step towards totalitarian rule. That‘s how […]

The current regional road funding formula falls short

The current regional road funding formula adds pressure to small business finances. Business profitability can be affected by poor infrastructure. […]

Time to tackle taxes

  Concerned about the Cost of Living Crisis; skyrocketing home mortgages; interest rates? You can persuade politicians to guide government […]

There is a right and a wrong way to fix society’s ills

Talk is cheap and easy I am amazed that so many people are calling for Royal Commissions into issues. The […]

Borrowers ripped off by Billionaire Bankers Banks knew interest rates would rise. Borrowers did not. Thousands stand to lose their […]