The current regional road funding formula falls short

The current regional road funding formula adds pressure to small business finances. Business profitability can be affected by poor infrastructure. […]

Federal Parliament House

The Democracy Code

Demonstrate in the nicest of ways, what you want done. Educate your elected representatives about your needs. Millions of voters […]

Mimic the Matildas

Shooting goals for good government. Education, health care, housing, wage equality etc are goals being missed by recent governments for […]

We’ve formed a Bank Customer Lobby

Bank overcharging and under-servicing  is  a disaster for Australia. CBA’s $10 billion profit from overcharging and under-servicing customers is an […]

Escaping from the debt trap

What to do if your bank has you trapped in a high priced home, business or farm mortgage that may […]

Disaster stalks society

Australia is walking a thin line between dangerous inflation with massive price hikes and dangerous recession with massive unemployment. Government […]

Mortgage Prison or Debt Trap?

There is talk about “getting out of mortgage prison” today. But it is really a “Debt Trap” set by skilled […]

Peak Body Political Power Base

A Peak Body’s Power Base is the many voices of its individual members, using their Voters’ Voices multiplied hundreds of […]

Votergrams beat protest any day

Recent riots, the downing of a Federal Senator by Police, protests and counter protests illustrate perfectly the wrong way for […]

Supercharge Your Voter Voice

Full page ad in the paper today by GetUp and some of those 1 million Aussies happy to delegate their […]