Votergrams have enabled voters to

Regulate vapingvapes

Embrace within Telehealth rebates, higher charges for some medical services

Change route of Parramatta light rail 
light rail
Obtain government funding $1.5 billion  p.a. for  community pharmacies around Australia

Thwart government plans to close Hornsby & Neringah hospitals

chickenProtect chickens & breeders from foreign diseases

Protect small businesses and farmers from unscrupulous banks

Protect apples and pears and the industry from foreign diseasesapples

road tollSubstantially reduce the road toll, saving tens of thousands of lives

Obtain 50% licence renewal discounts for safe drivers

Obtain operations, beds, medical disability and respite care for patientsno smoking on airlines

obtain world first smoking bans on commercial airlines

Advocate for the Banking Royal Commission

Obtain mental health care for patients previously denied it

skiProtect threatened city environments

Retain Kosciuszko snow fields in public hands for community lodges

Obtain city and regional school facilities
fire engines
Obtain previously refused govt. funding, for seriously disabled children

Better bushfire management around residential areas
Marinas located at optimal sites

Initiate community consultations on and off line

And much more ..