Votergrams magnify your voice to those in power!

Very little in life comes free and good government certainly does not, as is obvious, no matter how much we […]

Government Guarantees Home Loans

How good are our Federal MPs. No sooner had FairGO alerted each of them by Votergram to the ā€œMortgage Lenders […]

Not all banks are equal

Not all banks are equal. Let us help you shop around for the best loan or term deposit with an […]

Unlock the Power of Parliament for the People

Leeton hospital would not have lain idle for years if one person in Leeton had sent a Votergram about it […]

Home buyer scammed of $100,000 – refused help

Sanjay Joseph, scammed of $100,000 in a home purchases transaction (SMH 6/10/21), which he mostly recovered, says he could not […]