immigrants and services

MPs serving neither immigrants nor Australians

Immigrants & Aussie have similar needs Politicians cannot bring in 737,000 migrants into Australia and not understand that in addition […]

Let’s help our Federal MPs get it right with the services we need

Australia moves out of a challenging 2023 into a 2024 already plagued by problems that will only be resolved by […]

Trouble with Transmission lines Farm profits down the drain Farm profits can go down the drain fast when government utility […]

Anti-Protest laws outlawed! It is dangerous when politicians can stop people from protesting. First step towards totalitarian rule. That‘s how […]

The current regional road funding formula falls short

The current regional road funding formula adds pressure to small business finances. Business profitability can be affected by poor infrastructure. […]

Time to tackle taxes

  Concerned about the Cost of Living Crisis; skyrocketing home mortgages; interest rates? You can persuade politicians to guide government […]

Federal Parliament House

The Democracy Code

Demonstrate in the nicest of ways, what you want done. Educate your elected representatives about your needs. Millions of voters […]

There is a right and a wrong way to fix society’s ills

Talk is cheap and easy I am amazed that so many people are calling for Royal Commissions into issues. The […]

Borrowers ripped off by Billionaire Bankers Banks knew interest rates would rise. Borrowers did not. Thousands stand to lose their […]

Votergram Voice for all Australians

New voice will not affect Votergram Voices There has been heavy publicity about the Indigenous Voice and whether it might […]