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Shooting goals for good government.
Education, health care, housing, wage equality etc are goals being missed by recent governments for one very good reason. Our politicians cannot get those improvement balls into the nets because those goals are strongly blocked by the Big Business Lobby defenders. They want big business profits to continue booming unaffected by changes in government policy.

Rapid population growth by immigration, un-serviced by government, increases demand, living costs and corporate profits, reduces wages, housing supply, education and health services. Profit is a great thing in our free-enterprise society but not when it is so excessive that it makes some fabulously wealthy and some extremely poor.

It is time for the people to put on their “Voterlobby” tops and start scoring goals  for widespread education, health, wage and housing improvements.

The Multi-goal soccer game
Our society is  very much like a soccer game with multiple goals and multiple groups all playing to score their own goals. But the goal scorers, the “strikers”, are the Members of Parliament (MPs). Some kick for big business because big business pays their parties with “donations”. Some kick for the Community because MPs are elected by the voters in the community.

Political donations by big business are used by political parties to “buy” votes through advertising.

But there are 17 million voters in Australia and they already own the votes. That is where real power and influence lies. So the voters can ignore election advertising and party political preferences to kick the education, health, housing and wages balls to their parliamentary mid-fielders. They need the skill, accuracy and strategy of the Matildas to that successfully. The MPs will then dribble and pass those balls up the field and kick them straight into goal, despite the best efforts of those defenders who care only themselves.

How Voters can win the game

There is a team that has played for the Australian voters for 37 years without attracting much attention. It is the Voters own Lobby, the Voterlobby and every Australian voter can enjoy its benefits by joining it’s Australian Voters Network. The soccer balls that are kicked into Parliament for our very helpful MPs are delivered by Votergrams to all MPs. Voters having their say the Votergram way, have been scoring goals for decades with the help of MPs and Parliament.

Voterlobby helps voter to do the strategy bit of lobbying. Watching the Matildas we see the various strategies they deploy to get the ball in front of the opponent’s goal near one of their striker’s feet. Votergrams deliver voters suggestions and solutions to all the MPs in Parliament to find the strikers that are interested enough in the topic to kick a goal and get it fixed. Voters Network provides workshops on voterlobbying and helps voters seeking common goals to work together to achieve them.

Mimicking the Matildas

We may never be like these incredible soccer players, but we voters can shoot goals for good government. To do that we must understand that it takes a nation to run a democracy. Politicians in parliament depend on input from voters in order to serve those voters properly. The “silent Majority” will never be heard. But the active voters who use the Voterlobby to politely and persistently persuade their parliament to govern for the people who elect them, will almost always score those goals.

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