Safety is the responsibility of each of us

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We must all take responsibility for our society and what our government does. The massacre of innocent people at Bondi is the result in part of government neglect of mental health services for at least the last 50 years.

Votergrams are the key to good government because they empower each of us to help guid government to do what is needed. It is a fantasy in a nation with 17 million voters, many of whom have quite different views on government priorities, to imagine that our elected MPs know what we want.

They cannot know until we tell them. Most voters don’t ever tell all MPs what they want, so government is guided by a small minority, many of whom are very self-interested.

We have seen many people mentally ill attacking others and quite a few being shot and killed for it. If you know of better solutions now is the time to share them with your elected parliament. It is no good going to just your local MP because frankly they have very limited power in a parliament of 100 or 200, half of whom can’t stand the other half. You have to tell them all what you think should be done and that way you find those interested in helping you on that issue. I does not matter if it is personal about a sick relative needing care or national about submarines. Politicians are the best people in Australia¬† to ask for help. They are really very helpful and sympathetic people, contrary to the view the media gives of them.

But give them solutions not problems if you can, because nobody really wants more problems. They want solutions. You can become one of the most powerful people in Australia if you are acting for the good of our nation and use Votergrams to influence parliament to guide government in the right direction.

We never know when disaster may strike us in our crowded city life. Don’t wait until it is too late! Don’t complain. Campaign for change!

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