Disaster stalks society

Australia is walking a thin line between dangerous inflation with massive price hikes and dangerous recession with massive unemployment. Government […]

Mortgage Prison or Debt Trap?

There is talk about “getting out of mortgage prison” today. But it is really a “Debt Trap” set by skilled […]

Peak Body Political Power Base

A Peak Body’s Power Base is the many voices of its individual members, using their Voters’ Voices multiplied hundreds of […]

Votergrams beat protest any day

Recent riots, the downing of a Federal Senator by Police, protests and counter protests illustrate perfectly the wrong way for […]

Supercharge Your Voter Voice

Full page ad in the paper today by GetUp and some of those 1 million Aussies happy to delegate their […]

Voterlobby Validates Democracy

There is so much talk about democratic disasters. Australia’s unique Voterlobby , that runs our Votergram service, protects voters against […]

Importance of a Voice

Every Australian already has access to a powerful Votergram Voice to every Australian Parliament. By one Votergram, one pharmacist persuaded […]

If you want a voice to the decision-makers look no further than Votergarms

How can this be? Teachers taught writing in the 1940s & ‘50s but cant teach it now!! A regulated casino […]

Ride the wave of Government intentions!

The best time to influence government is when it has decided to do what you want. If the new Federal […]

Nurses and the Numbers Game

Nurses know how to care for sick people. They apparently don’t know how to influence government in a democracy. At […]