The current regional road funding formula falls short

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The current regional road funding formula adds pressure to small business finances.

Business profitability can be affected by poor infrastructure.

The following factors need to be taken into account in order to fix regional infrastructure.


  • Farming, mining, tourism and other rural businesses need to be profitable to survive.
  • Roads are fundamental to financial success.
  • Federal Minister says road funding based on a “longstanding formula that takes into account, population…..”.
  • It’s not hard to see how badly that will work for regional, rural and remote areas!

Population spread

  • MPs crowd people into big cities to preserve agricultural land to feed the city millions, gain mineral and agricultural export income and cater to tourism.
  • Then because rural & regional Australia has less population, it gets less road money.GBAC Bank Debt Consultants, Regional Dirt Road
  • Rural regional and remote Australians are just as entitled to decent roads as anyone.
  • They support our economy!

Voter Influence

Influence in democracy belongs to individual voters, not non-voting peak bodies.
1986 GBAC founder, Greg Bloomfield invented the Votergram empowering all Australians
It the easiest, most effective way for voters to influence governments.
Why? Because voters control political careers with their votes, campaigning for or against parties. Individual voters, not their organisations have the power to end or support political careers.
Votergrams enable ALL MPs to know first-hand what voters want. Then they mostly do it.

Regional Business Finances depend on good roadsGBAC Bank Debt Consultants farm roads

So let’s see rural, regional and remote voters getting their fair share of road money.
Issues like this are integral to enterprise profitability.
GBAC knows that farm and business profitability requires good infrastructure.

You have to ask to receive what you want.

To get more money into rural roads, ask by Votergram.
Parliament decides by majority votes, in the chamber, party, cabinet not ministerial generosity.

To enjoy good profits and cash return from farming and rural businesses it is wise to borrow better. For  better control of farm finances, email, or visit GBAC .
GBAC is what you might call a “Borrowers’ Broker”.
It works for the borrowers, not the banks as brokers on bank paid commissions do.
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