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Votergrams logoIt surprises me that 40 years after we invented our Votergrams and Moneygrams, some Australians are still having trouble dealing with their banks and governments.

The words I learned in my youth ring true, “If we always do what we’ve always done, we’ll always get what we’ve always got.”

There are very specific new strategies required to obtain good results from both banks and governments. The world has changed and the old ways no longer work as they did.

The naïve belief that both the banks and the government are working to serve the people should surely be dispelled in a few words.


Banks are making multi-billion dollar profits that enable them to pay multi-million dollar salaries to executives. If you were able to earn that much money would you want to stop in order to give customers a fair go? Not likely, when the customers just keep on coming regardless!!

Will brokers, paid huge commission of about .008% ($8,000 on $1m) on each loan they deliver to the bank, really look after your interests ahead of that of the bank that pays them? Not Likely!!

Bankers and borrowers sit on opposite sides of the table. One wants the best deal for the bank. The other wants the best deal for the borrower. As in arm wrestling, the one with the strength wins.

Australians who really want to borrow better, google “Borrow Better”. That brings them to BorrowBetter.au to borrow better as many have done since de-regulation in 1987. Then we can help them with proven borrowing and negotiation strategies so that they get an extra special deal as the bank saves a mountain of brokerage.

Sure it takes a bit more effort, but doesn’t everything that’s worthwhile? It is better than learning the hard way that “variable” means the interest rate can vary up as easily as down, at the will of the moneylender.

Government and Society

With 27million people, 17 million voters, how could any government please everyone. It can’t!! The government does what  active voters persuade, bully or bribe it to do. The first step for Aussies is to take off their “Community” hats and replace them with their “Voters” hats. The parliament that they elect as voters is their pathway to good government. Those Votergrams have proved to be the very best vehicle for using that pathway to guide government departments, contractors and bodies.

Votergrams embrace not only the ability to reach each and every MP, but also a wide range of very successful strategies that have been progressively developed over those almost 40 years, many with the active assistance of Members of Parliament and parliamentary staff.

Votergrams are all about working with parliamentarians through polite, persistent political persuasion in the privacy of parliament.


All Australians are entitled to a fair go and we have found that we can generally make that happen for them.

Greg Bloomfield

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